Catering @ The Delta

The Historic Delta Saloon
Banquet & Catering Services

The Delta Saloon has been offering Virginia City and the whole of Northern Nevada with the most memorable events and services since 1865.
Our guests have come from every state of the Union to enjoy a Western or Period Themed Wedding and an array of other notable functions.

No event too Large or too Small
For us to accommodate you and provide
Every attention to the details that
Will make your function
The Best it can be.

Now it’s your turn
Let us help you Plan your next Incredible Event.
On behalf of the Staff of The Delta and Myself
It will be Our Pleasure to Serve You.
Doc Malfitano

Banquet Room Rates

The Delta has the only Full Service Banquet Facility in Virginia City
Featuring Three Elegant Individual Banquet Rooms.
Each Banquet Room has its own Full Service Bar and all Banquet Rooms are serviced by their own dedicated commercial kitchen, service areas, wait staff and Bar Tenders.

Rental Rates

1/2 Day Rate (Up to Four Hours)     $500.00
Additional Hourly Rate of $75 per Hour

Full Day Rate (8 Hours)     $750.00

Chapel Rental

With a Catering contract, only a $75.00 Set-up Fee
Non Contract event, usage Fee of $200 for 1.5 hours

Banquet Room Rental includes:
Tables, Chairs and Table Linens

Wedding and Reception Rate Specials will be offered
Our Events Coordinator will provide:
Planning Guidance
Menu offerings
Set-up/Decorating offerings
And suggest
Cake & Flowers vendors, Music, Photography and Videography Services

Deli Party Trays

Small serves 8-12 people
Medium serves 10-15 people
Large serves 15-20 people

Sandwich Tray:

Assorted meats, cheeses & breads with mayonnaise. Mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, vinegar, oil & black pepper, pickles and peppers on the side.
$45.00 / 75.00 / 98.00

Meat & Cheese Tray:

Roast beef, turkey, ham, cheddar cheese and swiss cheese with pickles, olives, and/or pepperocini garnish.
$39.00 / 65.00 / 88.00

Gourmet Meat & Cheese Tray:

Roast beef, roasted turkey, prosciutto, salami, provolone, swiss cheese, smoked cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese. With pickles, pepperoncini and/or olive garnish
$48.00 / 62.50 / 81.50

Meat Tray:

Roast beef, turkey, salami & ham.
$36.00 / 46.75 / 60.00

Cheese Tray:

Provolone, swiss, cheddar & pepper jack with pickles, pepperoni and/or olive garnish.
$24.50 / 31.25 / 40.75

Fresh Fruit Tray:

Seasonal fresh fruit may include honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries or grapes.
$33.50 / 42.00 / 57.50

Fresh Fruit & Cheese Tray:

Seasonal fresh fruit and provolone, swiss & cheddar cheeses.
$42.00 / 54.00 / 72.00

Fresh Veggies & Dip:

Fresh carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers and tomatoes with blue cheese or ranch dressing.
$24.00 / 31.25 / 43.25

Condiment Tray:

Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sprouts, pepperoncini’s, pickles, mayo and mustard.
$14.50 / 18.00 / 24.00

Antipasto Tray:

Salami, ham, pepperoni, provolone, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini’s, red onions and capers.
$46.75 / 62.50 / 81.50

Gourmet Relish Tray:

Kalamata olives, marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, pepperoncini’s, baby gherkins, kidney and garbanzo beans.
$33.50 / 42.00 / 57.50

Gourmet Spread Tray:

Garlic mayo, dijon mustard, assorted chutneys and jalapeno ranch.
$24.00 / 30.00 / 40.75


Pizzas: (16″) Available after 3:00 pm

Minimum 4 pizzas unless prior arrangements are made.



Cheese & Pepperoni


Cheese & Italian Sausage



Cheese, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms & olives


Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms & olives


Cheese, ham & pineapple


Mozzarella & feta cheese, Kalamata olives, onions & tomatoes

Ragin Cajun:

Louisiana hot links, bell peppers, onions & pepperoncini’s

Garlic Chicken:

Simple. Lots of garlic, chicken & cheese

BBQ Chicken:

Chicken & cheese in spicy BBQ sauce


Small serves 8-12 people
Medium serves 10-15 people
Large serves 15-20 people

Fresh Fruit Tray:

Seasonal fresh fruit may include honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries or grapes.
$33.00 / $42.00 / $57.50


Sliced and toasted served with individual cream cheese.
$1.75 each – $18.00 per dozen.

Large Blueberry Muffins:

$1.75 each  – $18.00 per dozen.

Fruit Danish:

$15.00 per dozen.


Served with butter, jelly and honey.
$9.00 per dozen

Biscuits & Country Sausage Gravy:

$12.00 per dozen.

Pastry Tray:

Bagels & bite size muffins, and/or Danish, cream cheese, butter, jelly & honey.
$14.50 / $21.50 / 32.50

Fruit & Pastry Tray:

The pastry tray and fresh fruit tray put together.
$24.00 / $36.50 / $48.00

Fruit Flavored Yogurt:

$1.50 each – $15.00 per dozen.

Fresh Fruit & Cheese Tray:

Seasonal fresh fruit and provolone, swiss & cheddar cheeses.
$42.00 / $54.00 / $72.00

Loaf Cakes:

Pound cake, cranberry orange, banana nut, pumpkin. (10-12 slices-per loaf)

Continental Breakfast:

Fresh fruit, yogurt, muffins, bagels, dry or hot cereal, juice and coffee. Also included cream cheese, butter, jelly, cream and sugar.
$8.25 per person (Minimum 8 )

Hot Continental Breakfast:

Scrambled eggs, ham, bacon or sausage, biscuits & country gravy and coffee or juice.  Also included ketchup, butter, jelly, honey, cream and sugar.
$8.25 per person (Minimum 8)

Coffee & Tea Service

$2.50 (Minimum 10)

Champagne & Mimosa Service:

$7.50 per person (Minimum 10)

Espressos, Lattes, Mochas, Cappuccino

$5.00 – $8.00 each

Juice Service

Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, V-8
5.5 oz $1.50 / 11 oz can $2.00 / $7.25 per gallon

Hot Breakfast Buffet

Hot Breakfast Buffet:

(Minimum 25 people)
Choose 1:
• Scrambled eggs $10.75
• Scrambled eggs with cheese and green onions $10.75
• Eggs Benedict $12.00
• Eggs Florentine $12.00

Choose 1:
• Ham, Bacon and/or Sausage
(add 50¢ per person for 2 meats)

Choose 2:
• French Toast
• Biscuits & Gravy
• Bagels & Cream Cheese
• Blueberry Muffins

Buffet includes ketchup, butter, jelly, syrup, cream cheese, salt, pepper, cream, sugar and lemon. It also includes home fries, yogurt, fresh fruit, juice, coffee & tea.

Add Champagne & Mimosa

$7.50 per person (Minimum 10)

Omelet Station

Includes: 3 Egg Omelet, diced ham, bacon, ground sausage, spinach, tomatoes, squash, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion.
$8.50 per person

Cold Hors d’oeuvers

(Price per piece or serving – minimum 12 pieces unless otherwise marked)

6″ Fresh Fruit Brochettes



Garlic crostini with your choice of toppings below


Tomato, basil & mozzarella marinated in olive oil

Smoked Salmon:

Cream cheese, capers & red onions

Assorted Meat:

&cheese with mayo & mustard

Assorted Veggies:

and/or avocado with ranch

Assorted Combo:

Meat, veggie & cheese with ranch


Cucumber dill dressing & lemon twist


Marinated white beans, tomatoes, basil, escarole & mozzarella


Roasted bell peppers and gorgonzola spread

Sun-dried Tomatoes:

With Kalamata olives and cucumber sour cream spread

Porcini mushrooms:

With pine nuts & gorgonzola spread

“High Roller” Wraps

Rolled & Sliced


Cream cheese, avocado and watercress


Cream cheese, avocado and sprouts

Roast beef

Horseradish cream cheese, red onion & tomatoes


Pineapple cream cheese and green bell peppers


Cream cheese, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, onions and sprouts


Pastrami, oregano cream cheese, pepperoncini’s, lettuce and onions


Ham, bacon, cream cheese and lettuce


Salsa, cream cheese, jalapeños and lettuce

Pate Choux (shoo)

Puff pastry filled with your choice of salads

Per piece

Egg salad


Tuna salad


Chicken salad


Seafood salad


Deviled Eggs


Bay Shrimp

Over Cream Cheese & Chili Sauce
$35.00 (Serves 8 – 10)
Served with assorted crackers
$75.00 (Serves 20 – 25)

Bay Shrimp Cocktail

Served over lettuce with fresh lemon and cocktail sauce per person

Chilled Prawns

(Size -13 and under) Served with cocktail sauce & fresh lemon.

Fresh Homemade Ceviche

Whitefish marinated in lime with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro, garlic & spices
$6.75 per person


Served with chopped egg, red onion, cream cheese, capers and crostini’s.
Domestic – per oz. $72.00
Beluga – per oz. $108.00

Smoked Salmon

Served with cream cheese, red onion, capers and assorted crackers
$6.75 per person

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon


Crisp Chilled Celery

Filled with gorgonzola, cream cheese and pine nuts

Smoked Salmon or Prosciutto

Wrapped asparagus (Seasonal)

Smoked Salmon Crepes

Homemade crepes w/cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onions and capers served w/ chutney.

Cold Hors d’oeuvres

Price per serving (Minimum 12 pieces)

Chicken Liver Pate

Served with assorted crackers & fresh fruit.
$36.00 (Serves 6)

Chilled Fannie Bay Oysters

In half shell, served with minuet, cocktail sauce & fresh lemon.

Chilled Artichoke Hearts

Stuffed with seafood & draped with a cucumber dill dressing.(Seasonal)
$6.25 (Minimum 6)

Chilled Seafood Sampler

Prawns (size 13 and under), bay shrimp, crab claws & oysters served with fresh lemon and cocktail sauce.
$9.00 per person

Eggplant “Caviar”

Eggplant, bell peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil finely chopped, sautéed, then chilled. Served with garlic crostini’s.
$24.00 (serves 10-15)

Tapenade & Roasted Garlic Combo

A robust spread made with black olives, anchovies, Dijon horseradish, olive oil, lemon and spices, served chilled, along with whole bulbs of warm roasted garlic, Served with bread sticks & French bread.
$60.00 (Serves 20 – 25)

Humus Dip

A garbanzo, tahini & lemon dip served with fresh veggies & pita bread strips.
$46.75 (Serves 10- 15)

8 Layer Mexican Dip

Pinto beans, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, tomatoes, olives, onions & salsa. Served with tortilla chips.
$48.00 (Serves 20-25)

Herbed Tofu Dip

Silken tofu, yogurt, scallions, cilantro, garlic & spices served with carrots, celery, bell peppers & pita bread strips.
$46.75 (Serves 10 – 15)

Spinach Dip

Served in a sourdough bread bowl with the cubed sourdough bread for dipping.
$24.00 (Serves 10 – 15)

Hot Hors d’oeuvres

(Price per serving – minimum 12 pieces unless otherwise marked)

Baked Pistachio Encrusted Brie

Served with fresh fruit, crackers & chutney.
$72.00 (Serves 10 – 15)

Brie & Pate Combo

Served with fresh fruit, crackers & chutney.
$84.00 (Serves 10-15)

Prawns (Size 13 & under)

Your choice: Cajun, spicy jamaican, garlic, butter & herb or sweet-n-sour, skewered & broiled. Served over lettuce with fresh lemon.

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

Draped with creamed hollandaise & parmesan.

Seafood Cakes

Lobster, crab, shrimp and green onions. Served with hollandaise & fresh fruit salsa
$7.50 (Minimum 6 each)

Bacon Wrapped Prawns (Prawns – Size 13 & under)

Broiled & served over lettuce with fresh fruit salsa.

Oysters Casino

Oysters sautéed with butter, shallots, bell peppers, bacon, white wine & bread crumbs. Baked in the shell & served with fresh lemon.

Angels on Horseback

Bacon wrapped oysters, broiled & served on garlic crostini.

Escargot Garlic

Snails simmered in garlic & burgundy wine until tender, then sautéed in butter, garlic & parsley.
$15.00 per dozen

Escargot Roquefort

Snails simmered in garlic & burgundy wine until tender, then finished with a brown Roquefort sauce.
$15.00 per dozen


Chicken livers marinated in soy sauce & water chestnuts with port wine both wrapped in bacon & broiled until crispy

Hot Puff Pastry Appetizers

(Price per piece or serving – minimum 12 pieces unless otherwise marked)

Crab-n-chive cream cheese


Spinach & Feta


Teriyaki beef & water chestnuts


Sun-dried tomatoes & mozzarella


Escargot garlic & blue cheese


Duck Dumplings

Served with spicy red currant sauce.

Apple Stuffed Sausage En Croute

Wrapped and baked in puff pastry & sliced.
$18.00 (Serves 8-10)

Bacon, Onion & Swiss “Lorraine”


Spinach & Feta


Porcini Mushrooms & Gorgonzola


Shrimp, Green Onion & Swiss


Asparagus (seasonal), Crab & Swiss


Italian Sausage

Served with mozzarella & marinara.

Italian Meatballs

Served with mozzarella & marinara.
(4 oz. each) $2.50

Cocktail Meatballs

Beef or Turkey available. Your choice: Swedish with a sour cream brown sauce; Tofu meatballs with mozzarella & marinara; Oriental with sweet-n-sour sauce; BBQ’d meatballs.
$0.75 (2 oz. each)

Cocktail Franks

Smoked franks served with Dijon mustard.

6″ Beef or Chicken Brochettes

Top sirloin or chicken breast skewered with pineapple, bell peppers & roasted with your choice of teriyaki or BBQ sauce.

Chicken Wings

Baked not fried & served with ranch or blue cheese dressing and celery sticks.Your choice: Plain, Buffalo, Honey BBQ or Teriyaki Ginger.

Egg Rolls

Served with sweet-n-sour sauce and Dijon mustard.


BBQ or sweet-n-sour.
$6.50 per pound


Shredded chicken taquitos served with salsa, sour cream & homemade guacamole.

Hot Artichoke Dip

Served with tortilla chips or crostini’s.
$24.00 (Serves 10 – 15)

Hot Crab & Cream Cheese Dip

Served with French bread or assorted crackers.
$42.00 (Serves 10 – 15)

Baked Pistachio Encrusted Brie

Served with fresh fruit, crackers & chutney.
$72.00 (Serves 10 – 15)


Small serves 10-15 people
Large serves 20-25 people

Homemade Potato or Macaroni Salad

$22.75 / 36.00

Lobster Potato Salad

Cubed yukon gold potatoes, tossed in house vinaigrette with scallions, red onion, capers, tarragon, and succulent Lobster.
$65.00 / 95.00

Tortellini Salad

Small cheese filled pastas, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, basil, parmesan, artichoke hearts & black olives.
$36.00 / 54.00

Farfalle Ensalata

Bow tie pasta, tangy Italian dressing, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, parsley & pine nuts.
$39.50 / 60.00


Tiny Moroccan pastas served with your choice of the following:sun dried tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, parmesan, pine nuts, olive oil & vinegar, garlic, herbs, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, lemon, olive oil & pistachios.
$39.00 / 60.00

Mixed Green Salad

Served with your choice of dressings, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, bell peppers.
$30.00 / 42.00

Spinach Salad

Served with walnut vinaigrette, cucumbers, tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese crumbles.
$46.75 / 62.50

Traditional Caesar Salad

Romaine, homemade croutons, parmesan & Caesar dressing.
$30.00 / 42.00

Greek Salad

Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, lemon & olive oil dressing.
$43.25 / 62.50

Very Veggie Salad

Served with your choice of dressing, mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, kidney & garbanzo beans, sprouts, cheese, avocado & homemade croutons.
$43.25 / 62.50

Oriental Tofu Salad

Served with sweet-n-sour ginger dressing, mixed greens, tofu, bean sprouts, tomatoes, onions, mandarin oranges, water chestnuts, pine nut & crispy noodles.
$46.75 / 66.00

Italian Ensalata

Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, garlic, Kalamata olives, red onion, Italian Vinaigrette
$30.00 / 42.00

Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl

Served without dip.
$42.00 / 60.00

Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl

Served with dip.
$48.00 / 67.00

Waldorf Salad

Fresh apples, celery, grapes & walnuts in a pineapple mayo dressing.
$42.00 / 60.00


Homemade Soups

Served with crackers
$24.50 – $31.50 per gallon (Serves 16)

Homemade Chili

With meat & beans. Served with cheese, onions & crackers.
$20.00 per gallon (Serves 16)

Soup Suggestions

Potato Leek, Chicken Noodle or Rice, Vegetable Beef Barley, Minestrone, French Onion, Lentil, Navy Bean & Bacon, Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Asparagus, Creamy Chicken & Rice, Pasta e Faggioli, Gazpacho (cold Spanish soup), Vichyssoise (cold potato leek).

Bread Basket

Rolls & focaccia include butter pats (per dozen)

Fresh 3″ Dinner Rolls

Includes french, sourdough, dutch crunch, and whole wheat.

Garlic or Focaccia Bread


Assorted Cracker Basket

Small $9.50 (serves 10-15)

Assorted Cracker Basket

Large $14.50 (serves 15-20)

Chips and Dips


Potato, pretzels, tortilla
$4.75 per pound

Mixed nuts or Holland gourmet mints



Butter & garlic or olive oil & parmesan.


Ranch, Blue Cheese, French onion, Jalapeño Ranch, Salsa.

Homemade Guacamole


Fruit Dips


Quick Select Menus

Price are per person. Minimum of 50 people unless otherwise specified

Hamburgers & hot dogs


Chicken, hamburgers & hotdogs


Tri-tip & chicken

$16.95 (Minimum 25 people)

Chicken & roast beef

$18.95 (Minimum 25 people)

NY strip steak & salmon

$24.95 (Minimum 25 people)


Price on sides are per 1/4 lb serving (Minimum 12 Servings)
• Garlic Mashed $3.00
• Roasted Red $3.00
• Au Gratin $3.50
• Home Fries $3.00
• Baked Potatoes with butter & sour cream $3.00
• Twice Baked Potatoes
• White $1.75
• Spanish $1.75
• Wild Rice Pilaf $1.75
• Pinto $2.00
• Baked Beans $2.00
• Chili Beans with meat $2.50

Veggies: The Possibilities are Endless!

Per person (Minimum 12 servings)

Fresh Steamed


Fresh Sautéed with herbs, lemon & butter


Baked Parmesan Tomatoes




Asparagus Tips & Hollandaise

(seasonal) $3.50

Pastas & Polentas

Per Person, Minimum 12 Servings


Garlic, olive oil, sun-dried tomato and pine nuts.


With homemade marinara sauce.


With homemade creamy parmesan sauce.


Traditional hot out of the pot with marinara.

Entrees:The Main Event


Homemade Lasagna (1/2 pan serves 10-12)
Lasagnas are 5 layers of Intense Italian Flavors: Imported Ricotta Cheese, Marinara Sauce, Fresh Italian Style Beef and or Sausage



Italian Sausage





With garlic parmesan sauce.

Baked Ziti

Ziti pasta tossed in homemade marinara sauce, topped with parmesan and herbed bread crumbs.

Eggplant Parmesan

Thinly sliced eggplant dipped in egg & fried, layered with marinara, mozzarella & parmesan.


With cheese or spinach & cheese.

Cheese or Mushroom Ravioli

With marinara & parmesan.

Tofu Spinach

Layered breaded tofu, fresh spinach, marinara, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Italian Fiesta

Italian Ensalata, homemade lasagna or a choice of pasta, choice of sauce,
Choice of a Homemade Meatball or an Italian sausage link, garlic bread.
$19.00 Per Person


See appetizers for accompaniments. (Minimum 10 persons) (Per person $5.00)

Choose 1:
Capellini (angel hair)
Farfalle (bow ties)
Rotelli (springs)
Tortellini (cheese filled Pasta)

Choose 1:
Creamy parmesan (add .75 per person)
Garlic, olive oil, parmesan & herbs


Per person, minimum 12 servings

Homemade Tamales

Pork or chicken with enchilada sauce, cheese, salsa, & sour cream.
$4.50 each

Enchiladas Verdes

Pork or chicken with green sauce, cheese.
$4.50 each

Fajita “Bar”

Chicken & beef sautéed with peppers, onion, tomatoes. Comes with tortillas, cheese, rice, beans, salsa, sour cream & guacamole.

Burrito “Bar”

Chicken & pork with rice, beans, sauce, cheese, tortillas, salsa & sour cream.

Taco “Bar”

Chicken, pork with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cheese, salsa, sour cream, rice & beans.

Combo “Bar”

Fajitas, burritos & tacos with salsa, guacamole, sour cream & tortilla chips.


Prices are per piece or serving (Minimum 12)


Lightly breaded & baked. (13 & under) Your choice: Teriyaki, Spicy Jamaican, Cajun, BBQ, Butter, Garlic, Lemon & Herb, or Parmesan.

Bacon Wrapped Prawns or Sea Scallops

Broiled & served with fresh fruit salsa.

Live Main Lobsters or Tails

Poached or baked served with lemon & drawn butter.
Market Price


Sea Scallops & Prawns skewered with peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, then brushed with butter & lemon.

Fresh Salmon Filets

8 ounce filet broiled & served with your choice of sauces.

Fresh Catch

Seasonal halibut, swordfish, ahi, seabass broiled with your choice of sauces.
Market Price

Louisiana Pan Roast

Prawns, scallops, fish, crab & mussels simmered in a tomato cream sauce with horseradish & sherry.


Price per serving (Minimum 12 pieces)


Boneless breast sautéed with shallots, cream, white wine, lemon & capers.


Boneless breast simmered with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, sherry & spices.


Whole Fresh chicken stewed with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers.
1/4 -$6.00 1/2 – $12.00


Boneless breast lightly breaded, baked & smothered with mozzarella & marinara.


Boneless breast brushed with a habanero, garlic & lemon spice & baked.
Add pineapple slices on request.


Boneless breast brushed with a cayenne Cajun spice & baked.


Boneless breast brushed with a teriyaki glaze & baked.


Boneless breast topped with asparagus spears & crab meat & then draped with béarnaise sauce.

Cordon Blue

Boneless breast topped with ham & Swiss cheese.

Chicken & Brie

Boneless breast baked & laid over a bed of fresh spinach, topped with melted brie & blueberry port sauce.


Boneless breasts cubed & skewered with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes & mushrooms.

Greek Chicken

Whole fresh chicken marinated & roasted with olive oil, lemon, garlic, oregano, salt & pepper.
1/4– $6.00 1/2–$9.00

BBQ Chicken

Roasted chicken with barbecue sauce.
1/4–$6.00 1/2– $9.00


Cubed chicken breast, bell peppers, onions & pineapples sautéed. Topped with sweet-n-sour sauce.

Garlic Thai Chicken

Cubed chicken breast, garlic, sesame oil, cayenne, crushed peppers sautéed together.

Beef, Game, Poultry & Pork

Entrecote of Beef (NY Strip)

Served with au jus.
$150.00 (Serves 8-10)

Prime Rib

Served with au jus and horseradish.
$210.00 (Serves 10-12)


Served with béarnaise.
$200.00 (Serves 6 – 10)

Buffalo Strip

Served with wild mushroom or green peppercorn sauce.
$210.00 (Serves 6-10)


Served with Béarnaise
$180.00 (Serves 10-12)

Beef Wellington

Served with Périgueux Sauce
$180.00 (Serves 10-12)

Salmon En Croute

Served with blueberry port & lemon Bur Blanc Serves
$210.00 (Serves 10-12)

Pheasant Souveroff

Served with wild rice
$245.00 (Serves 10-12)

Roasted Duck a La Orange

Served with fingerling potatoes
$175.00 (Serves 6-8)

Wild Boar Tenderloin

Served with wild mushroom sauce.
$19.00 each (Minimum 12)

Rack of Lamb

Served with provençale sauce or mint jelly.
$21.00 each (Minimum 12)

Cornish Hens

Stuffed with wild rice pilaf.
$9.25 each (Minimum 12)

Roasted Duck

Served with fruit sauce.
½ Duck $12.50 Breast $15.25 each (Minimum 12)

Pork Tenderloin

Served with natural gravy.
$10.00 each (Minimum 12)


Served with mushroom gravy.
$30.00 (2 loafs serves 10-12)

Beef Stroganoff

Served with egg noodles.
$9.00 each (Minimum 12)


Served with BBQ sauce or mushrooms & onions.
6 oz. $6.00 12oz. $9.50 (Minimum 12)

Top Sirloin

Served with mushrooms & onions.
6 oz. $8.75 12 oz. $15.00 (Minimum 12)

Virginia Baked Ham

(Whole) Served with fruit sauce.
$99.00 (Serves 20-25)

Whole Roasted Turkey

Served with dressing, cranberry sauce & gravy.
$99.00 (Serves 15-20)

Pheasant Breast

Served with wild mushroom sauce.
$15.00 each (Minimum 12)


Top sirloin skewered with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes & peppers.

BBQ’s: On site BBQ (Minimum 50 people)

Hamburgers or Turkey Burgers

1/4 lb $4.00 1/3 lb $5.00 1/2 lb $6.00

Hot Dogs

1/4 lb $4.00

BBQ Chicken

1/4 Chicken $5.00 1/2 Chicken $6.50 Whole Chicken $12.00

Herb Chicken

1/4 Chicken $4.00 1/2 Chicken $6.00 Whole Chicken $12.00

Beef Ribs

3 Fingers $9.50


6 Fingers $8.25


Top Sirloin

8 0z $10.50

New York

10 oz. $13.50


8 oz. $17.00

Bone In T-Bone

10 oz. $20.00; 12 oz. $22.00; 16 oz. $26.00


8 oz. $8.00


8 oz. $19.00

Buffalo Strip

10 oz. $19.25

Elk Chops

10 oz. $18.00

Buffalo Burgers

1/3 lb. $13.00

Elk Burgers

1/3 lb. $13.00


Homemade Chocolate Truffles

$14.50 per dozen

Homemade Cookies

Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin.
$9.50 per dozen

Killer (Ghirardelli) Brownies

Bite size
$15.00 (Serves 10-15)

Dessert Tray

A combo with cookies, pirouettes, brownie bites & truffles.
$30.00 (Serves 10-15)

Awesome Apple Cake

$14.50 (Serves 10-12)

Loaf Cakes

Banana Nut, Cranberry Orange, Pound Cake, Date Nut.
$10.00 per loaf

Strawberry Shortcake

$ 4.25 each (Minimum 12)

Carrot Cake

1/4 sheet $30.00; 1/2 sheet $55.00 Full Sheet $99.00

Sheet Cakes

Many flavors to choose from.
1/4 sheet $28.00; 1/2 sheet $45.00 Full Sheet $90.00

Chocolate Éclairs

$36.00 per dozen

Fresh Fruit Tarts

$28.75 per dozen

Bread Pudding

Served with rum sauce.
$48.00 (Serves 12-15)

Cheese Cakes

Mocha, Plain, Seasonal Berry, Gran Marnier.
$30.00 (Serves 12-15)

Chocolate Decadence

Served with English crème.
$30.00 (Serves 12-15)

Chocolate Mousse

Country french style, very rich.
$2.50 each (Minimum 12)

Almond Cup

Served with fresh berries, Gran Marnier & truffle.
$7.25 each (Minimum 12)


Filled with jelly, sprinkled with powdered sugar.
$11.50 per dozen

Gelatin Molds

Served with assorted fruit with many flavors to choose from.
$9.00 each


(Seasonal peach, berry)
$42.00 (Serves 12-16)

Apple Petivier

Sautéed apples & almond paste wrapped & baked in puff pastry.
$30.00 (Serves 8)

Baked Stuffed Pears

$3.00 each (Minimum 12)


$42.00 (Serves 12-14)

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Served with liquor.
$21.50 per dozen


$21.50 per dozen

Ice Cream

$12.00 per gallon (Serves 10)

Custom Cakes Made to Order

Custom Cakes can be made to order for any occasion. Please consult with our Event Coordinator for Details.

Our in-house pastry chef makes delicious cakes and treats for any event!

Pricing subject to current 7.625% Nevada Sales Tax and 18.5% Service Charge. Chef may substitute items Based on availability/pricing.

Off Site Catering

Delivery of Food to the event is charged at $3.00/mile
All disposables supplied are $3.00/Person

The Delta Saloon Banquet

For banquet bars charged on consumption, the bar revenue must exceed $400 for the first two hours per bar/bartender and $100 per bar/bartender per hour thereafter.

We recommend a ratio of 75 guests per bar on hosted bars, and 100 guests per bar on no-host bars.

To insure service standards, a max ratio of 100 guests per bar will be applied.
The Host is responsible for the difference on any bar minimums not met on “Hosted” or “No-Host” bars.

Options for “Hosted”, “No-Host” service or combinations thereof are available. “Hosted” options can include client hosted select beverages for a specific time frame, dollar amount or via a drink ticket(s).
All Hosted beverages are subject to current 18.5% gratuity.


(Charged on consumption)
Super Premium, Cognacs, Cordials & Premium Wine ~ $7.50
Premium Brands Cocktails & House Wine ~ $6.50
Call Brand Cocktails ~ $6
Imported Beer & Microbrews ~ $5.50
Domestic Beer ~ $4.75
Soft Drinks, Juice & Water ~ $3.25
Beverage Servers available @ $25 per hour, per server with a banquet bar ordered in the banquet room.


Ketel One Vodka
Jack Daniels Whiskey
Crown Royal Whiskey
Bombay Sapphire Gin
Captain Morgan Rum
Absolut Citron Vodka
Malibu & Myers Rums


Smirnoff Vodka King
Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey
Tanqueray Gin
Jim Beam Bourbon
Bacardi Rum
Jameson Whiskey
Sauza Tequila


King Estate Pinot Gris
Sauvignon Blanc


Kenwood Chardonnay
Kenwood Merlot
Kenwood Cabernet
Beringer White Zinfandel


Grey Goose Vodka
Patron Tequila
Glenlivet Whiskey
Kahlúa Liquor
Bailey’s Irish Cream
Grand Marnier


Samuel Adams
Sierra Nevada


Bud Light
Coors Light
Miller Lite


Assorted Pepsi Products
Mineral Water Still or Sparkling


(Minimum 30 guest guarantee for hourly pricing packages.)
Hourly price per guest includes unlimited service for the hour. Prices are based on whole hour increments only and may not be prorated. Guests should drink responsibly and will be denied service if deemed necessary. Our standard ratio of one bar/bartender per 75 guests guarantee will be staffed.



Korbel ~ $20 per bottle
Kenwood Cuvee Brut, Sonoma ~ $30 per Bottle
Domaine Chandon, Brut, Napa ~ $38 per Bottle
Gloria Ferrer Brut, Sonoma County ~ $42 per Bottle
Mumm Napa Brut Rose, Napa ~ $45 per Bottle
Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs, California ~ $70 per Bottle
Sparkling Cider, non-alcoholic ~ $10 per bottle


Beringer, White Zinfandel, California ~ $28 per Bottle
Geyser Peak, Sauvignon Blanc, California ~ $28 per Bottle
Chateau St. Michelle Riesling, Washington ~ $30 per Bottle
King Estate Pinot Gris, Oregon ~ $30 per Bottle


Kenwood California ~ $30 per Bottle
Sonoma Curter, Russian River Ranches, Sonoma ~ $41 per Bottle
Jordan, Russian River Valley, Sonoma ~ $50 per Bottle
Mer Soliel, Santa Lucia Highlands, Monterey ~ $55 per Bottle
Rombauer, Carneros, Napa Valley ~ $66 per Bottle


Kenwood California ~ $30 per Bottle
Rodney Strong, Sonoma ~ $35 per Bottle
Markham, Napa ~ $49 per Bottle
Rombauer, Carneros, Napa Valley ~ $58 per Bottle
Duckhorn, Napa ~ $72 per Bottle


Kenwood California ~ $30 per Bottle
Louis Martini, Napa Valley ~ $42 per Bottle
Justin, Paso Robles ~ $48 per Bottle
Franciscan, Napa Valley ~ $59 per Bottle
Pine Ridge, Napa Valley ~ $75 per Bottle
Jordan, Alexander Valley, Sonoma ~ $109 per Bottle
Silver Oak, Alexander Valley, Sonoma ~ $155 per Bottle


Kenwood Pinot Noir, Russian River, Sonoma ~ $30 per Bottle
Pascal Toso Reserve Malbec, Las Barrancas, Barrancas Mendoza ~ $45 per Bottle
Meiomi Pinot Noir, By Belle Glos of Caymus, California ~ $46 per Bottle
Seghesio Zinfandel, Sonoma County ~ $55 per Bottle

WINE CORKAGE FEES: A $10 corkage fee per 750ml bottle applies for client supplied wine.


Monday: 10 am - close

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 10 am - close

Friday: 9 am - close

Saturday: 9 am - close

Sunday: 9 am - close

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